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AnotherGuitar is here to help visitors find and buy the best new & used guitars at the most competitive prices. Please use the menu to browse by a specific brand / model. However, if you’re just curious and want to see what’s currently for sale – browse all the new & used guitars listed for sale every day in the UK.

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The name of the website conveys why we are here and what it’s all about. I’ve been trying to play the guitar for over 30 years – I’m an on / off pupil. I’ll go a year without playing, then try to learn every day for a week … then give up again. I’m great at blaming the instrument for my lack of progression. I’ve had 7 guitars to date and I currently own three. While looking for the elusive “magic” guitar that knows how to play itself my partner, standing behind me, shakes her head and says … “ANOTHER guitar? – shouldn’t you learn to play the one you’ve got first”

And that’s why we’re here – searching for the guitar of our dreams. Whether it’s a solid body electric like the American Original Fender Stratocaster or a hollow bodied semi-acoustic such as the Gibson ES 335 – hopefully you will find it here. Why not try our big friendly GUITAR FINDER and search by brand or style.

Guitars listed for sale today – updated 08/08/2022

This is just a small sample of the most recent guitars listed for sale today. To search for a specific guitar please either scroll down (brands and styles) or use the MENU. The most popular guitars can be found under their relative brand page eg > Gibson > Gibson ES or Fender > Fender Stratocaster etc. All listings are updated EVERY DAY to ensure only the freshest content is served. Our last update was performed on the 08/08/2022

Fender – Stratocaster to Jazz Bass & Acoustic Guitars

A live example of a Fender guitar for sale (below). We have filtered the different models in to categories. So, if you’re looking for something more specific, maybe a vintage Made In Japan Fender Stratocaster or possibly a Left Handed Fender we’ve got them all. We’ve covered all the popular 6 string models including the Fender Telecaster and the Jazzmaster. Then we’ve got the 4 string legends – the Fender P-Bass and Jazz Bass all for sale here. Please visit the main Fender Guitars page for all categories.

Gibson – Les Paul to ES, SG & Acoustic Guitars

A live example of a Gibson guitar for sale (below). Gibson have been making string instruments since way back in 1894 when Orville Gibson started work on his patented solid sided mandolin. As with other popular brands we have filtered the guitars by model. We’ve got dozens of solid bodied Gibson SG for sale here and, for the electric Spanish sound immortalised by BB King we have the Gibson ES range.

PRS Guitars – SE & S2 to Private Stock & SE Acoustic

A live example of a PRS guitar for sale (below). One of the most respected and desirable brands of guitar on the planet. PRS guitars are simply the pinnacle of design and quality. Using only the very best high-end components and the latest cutting-edge techniques to produce superior musical instruments. We’ve filtered these instruments in to PRS S2, PRS SE Electric, Private Stock and PRS SE Acoustic guitars for sale

Ibanez – Artcore Hollowbody to Electric & Acoustic Guitars

A live example of an Ibanez guitar for sale (below). Ibanez is a company with a long and colourful history in the manufacture of guitars. It all started wayback in 1908 with a Japanese sheet music and instrument distributor called Hoshino Gakki. We have filtered these guitars in to their most popular styles: Ibanez Electric guitars (RG, S, AR, FR, Gio etc), Acoustic, Hollowbody Artcore and their Electro Acoustic range

  • Ibanez Electro Acoustic Guitar
    A Ibanez Electro Acoustic Guitar . This Ibanez Electro Acoustic guitar is for sale now for £125.00. Most the guitars listed on AnotherGuitar are being sold by sellers based in […]

Tanglewood – from Les Paul to ES and SG

A live example of a Tanglewood guitar for sale (below). The Tanglewood Guitar Company was established in England in the 1988. A small company with a desire and ambition to produce a range of guitars offering value for money and playability. A thinking company utilising innovative design – combining both traditional and contemporary manufacturing processes. A stunning range of affordable guitars for sale including the Tanglewood Blackbird, Tanglewood Union and Tanglewood Winterleaf.

Martin Acoustic Guitars for sale

A live example of a Martin guitar for sale (below). Ed Sheeran has been a long time Martin fan – he regularly played the Martin LX1E Little Martin Electro Acoustic. A true powerhouse that, despite its small size, produces a bold, volume rich tone. It’s far more than just a basic travel guitar. Their range is huge, starting around £299 for a Martin Backpacker – going up to £8,700 fro a Martin D-45

Ovation – Glen Campbell, Paul McCartney – say no more

Ovation guitars have been played by musical giants like Glen Campbell, Paul McCartney, Kenny Rodgers and Neil Diamond. Their most popular ranges are the Ovation Celebrity (with Ovation’s unique multi-soundhole design), the Ovation Applause and the Signature series – including the timeless Glen Campbell editions. Don’t overlook the newer ranges such as the Ovation Adamas, another range utilised the multi-soundholes.

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Used Guitars for sale by Style

There are many types and styles of guitar for sale at AnotherGuitar.co.uk. To help we have split them in to their 5 basic categories. Electric – amplified guitars with a solid body. Acoustic – traditional guitars with no electrical amplication. Electro Acoustic – as acoustic but with the addition of amplification. Semi-Acoustic – hollow bodied guitars with amplification. Bass – most commonly solid bodied, 4 stringed guitars with amplification. There are more types, styles and sub-categories – such as Spanish Acoustic, Classical Acoustic – but we have focused on the 5 above. If you are looking for a specific make, model or style – please use the AnotherGuitar Finder tool here.

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