Fender Cd-60 NAT  Mahagony Acoustic Guitar. Used

Fender Cd-60 NAT Mahagony Acoustic Guitar. Used

  • Brand : Fender
  • Model : Acoustic
  • Price : £67.00
  • Selller : elfjolly
  • Condition : Used
  • Location : Bracknell , United Kingdom
  • Ships to : United Kingdom
  • Description : Fender Cd-60 NAT Mahagony Acoustic Guitar. Used very little
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  • Ends on : 2021-04-19 23:19:19
  • Time Remaining : 6 days
  • Parent Category : Pre-owned Fender Acoustic Guitars

This guitar comes from our handpicked collection of Fender Acoustic guitars available today. Fender acoustics sound great, look cool and are solidly built instruments. Fender also want their instruments to be fun to play. The list of famous musicians that have strummed one is extensive and goes back to the 60’s (*). It’s a who’s who of rock’n’roll with Johnny Cash, George Jones, Buck Owens, Tex Ritter, Wanda Jackson, Charley Pride, Ray Davies, Robbie Robertson and last – but definitely not least – Elvis Presley. Most popular models are the Fender FA-125 Dreadnought, CD-60 Natural, the stunning Fender PM-1 and the entry level Fender ESC80 educational model

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