PRS SE P20E Parlor Tonare Electro Acoustic Guitar (Black Top)

A PRS SE P20E Parlor Tonare Electro Acoustic Guitar (Black Top). This PRS SE Acoustic guitar is for sale now for £439.00. Most the guitars listed on AnotherGuitar are being sold by sellers based in the UK. Some are based overseas but they do offer delivery to the UK. Please check sellers location for further details. Click the button below to go directly to the seller for all the information on this specific guitar.

PRS SE P20E Parlor Tonare Electro Acoustic Guitar (Black Top)

  • Brand : PRS Guitars (Paul Reed Smith)
  • Range : PRS SE Acoustic
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  • Guitar Style : Hundreds of Acoustic guitars for sale from all brands
  • Price : £439.00
  • Condition : New
  • Selller : soundaffectspremier
  • Description : PRS SE P20E Parlor Tonare Electro Acoustic Guitar (Black Top)
  • Location : Ormskirk, United Kingdom
  • Sale by : buy it now
  • Ends on :
  • Time Remaining : N/A

With the PRS SE series musicians can get their hands on a world-renowned guitar at an affordable price. Made in South Korea to the same exacting standards as their USA-made counterparts. The SE series offer pristine intonation, incredible tuning stability along with a stunning variety of finishes. Most popular in this popular series of acoustic guitars are the PRS SE P20, the PRS Angelus and the PRS SE A40E

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