Epiphone Sheraton II Blonde Electric Guitar & Hard Case

Epiphone Sheraton II Blonde Electric Guitar & Hard Case

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  • Description : Epiphone Sheraton II Blonde Electric Guitar & Hard Case
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This guitar comes from our selection of Epiphone SG guitars. Epiphone’s hugely popular hollowbodied range reproduces the legendary Gibson ES style & sound. They have been played by legends such as B.B King and Tom Delonge. Two legends of the semi acoustic guitar style with signature models of their own.

The most popular are the ES series – in particular the Epiphone ES-355 (B.B. King played the Gibson ES-355 – “Lucille”) and ES-339. Also very much in demand are the Epiphone Casino, Wildcat, Riviera, Sheraton, Epiphone Dot and Emperor. All classic hollowbodied guitars producing awesome acoustic resonance and powerful pickups providing a flexible tone suitable for most musical styles.

A small selection of the Epiphone guitars available from G4M

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