Gibson ES335 in Cherry Red -1988 Vintage & Rare Semi Acoustic Guitar ES 335

  • Brand : Gibson
  • Model : ES
  • Price : £3,225.00
  • Selller : drbkb1234
  • Condition : Used
  • Location : Warwickshire, United Kingdom
  • Ships to : United Kingdom
  • Description : Gibson ES335 in Cherry Red -1988 Vintage & Rare Semi Acoustic Guitar ES 335
  • Sale by : buy it now
  • Bids :
  • Ends on : 2021-10-24 19:20:27
  • Time Remaining : 1 week
  • Parent Category : Pre-owned Gibson ES Guitars

This Gibson ES electric guitar is for sale - Gibson ES335 in Cherry Red -1988 Vintage & Rare Semi Acoustic Guitar ES 335

This guitar comes from our Gibson ES filtered search results. The Gibson ES is a hollow body electric guitar. The ES stands for Electric Spanish. It first appeared in 1936 as the Gibson ES-150 (*). Popular in music halls and jazz orchastras the amplified hollow body could be heard far better than un-amplified guitars. The most famous guitar in the world is an ES – B B King’s “Lucille” is a Gibson ES-355. Most popular in this range are the ES-330, ES-335 and the Gibson ES-339. For more information please visit our Gibson ES history page

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Gibson ES guitars for sale - Hollowbody Electric

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