Gibson SG Guitar. Fantastic

  • Brand : Gibson
  • Model : SG
  • Price : £1,050.00
  • Selller : treidy2003
  • Condition : Used
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  • Description : Gibson SG Guitar. Fantastic
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  • Ends on : 2021-12-24 09:13:20
  • Time Remaining : 3 weeks
  • Parent Category : Pre-owned Gibson SG Guitars

This Gibson SG electric guitar is for sale - Gibson SG Guitar. Fantastic

This guitar comes from our range of Gibson SG guitars for sale. The Gibson SG is a solid body electric guitar first sold in 1961 by the Gibson Guitar Corporation. The range included the Gibson SG Standard, the SG Junior, SG Special and the most expensive SG Custom. It’s a guitar that has rocked generations of music fans in sold out stadiums the world over. If a guitar is good enough for Angus Young (AC/DC) it’s good enough for me. Thankfully, for the budget conscious, it is also produced under licence to Epiphone – we have a range of Epiphone SG available here. For more information on the original version please visit our Gibson SG history page

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Before spending hundreds on a used Gibson SG we recommend researching the price of a NEW one from our partners at Gear4Music. It is possible to purchase a brand new Gibson SG Tribute for just £999. We sometimes see preowned Gibson guitars sell for the same price as new models – check prices at G4M before bidding too much


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