Ibanez RG350QM Elec. Guitar w/ SC £365.46

Ibanez RG350QM / Electric Guitar w/ SC. This guitar is available now for £365.46. The seller is located in JP. The condition of this instrument has been listed as Used. This guitar is being sold by a seller with the user name tresurejapan. For more details please CLICK HERE* to go directly to the seller’s product page on eBay*.

The Ibanez RG350QM is a high-quality electric guitar designed for players who appreciate both style and performance. Featuring a sleek double-cutaway design, this guitar is made with a mahogany body and a beautiful quilted maple top, giving it a unique and eye-catching look. The guitar is equipped with Ibanez Quantum pickups, providing a versatile range of tones suitable for various music genres. The tremolo bridge allows for smooth and accurate pitch bends, while the slim and fast Wizard III neck ensures comfortable playability. Overall, the Ibanez RG350QM is a fantastic choice for guitarists looking for a reliable and visually striking instrument.

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  • Brand – Style: Ibanez – Electric
  • Collection: Ibanez Gio / RG
  • Selling Platform : eBay
  • Price : £365.46
  • Condition : Used
  • Selller : tresurejapan
  • Description : Ibanez RG350QM / Electric Guitar w/ SC
  • Location : JP
  • Sale by : buy it now
  • Ends on :
  • Time Remaining : N/A

More About Ibanez Electric Guitars

Originally founded in Japan in 1908, Ibanez started out as a manufacturer of sheet music and music equipment. By the 1970s, they had emerged as a prominent electric guitar brand, known for their high-quality instruments and innovative designs. Ibanez became particularly popular among rock and metal musicians, with iconic players such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Paul Gilbert using their guitars on stage and in the studio.

One of the popular models in the Ibanez line-up is the RG350QM, known for its sleek design, powerful pickups, and versatile sound. This electric guitar features a quilted maple top, a double-locking tremolo system, and a set of humbucker and single-coil pickups, making it suitable for a wide range of playing styles. With its fast neck and comfortable playability, the Ibanez RG350QM has become a favourite among shredders and guitarists looking for a reliable and high-performance instrument.

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