60’s Gibson Custom SG L/H Carved Top – USA £2,799.00

60’s GIBSON CUSTOM SG – LEFT HAND – CARVED TOP – made in USA. This guitar is available now for £2,799.00. The seller is located in DE. The condition of this instrument has been listed as Used. This guitar is being sold by a seller with the user name music-outlet-shop. For more details please CLICK HERE* to go directly to the seller’s product page on eBay*.

The 60’s Gibson Custom SG Left Hand Carved Top is a rare and sought-after guitar made in the USA. Featuring a unique left-handed design, this SG model is known for its superior craftsmanship and playability. The guitar boasts a carved top for added visual appeal and resonance. The vintage 60’s styling gives the instrument a classic look, while the high-quality materials and construction ensure a top-notch performance. This Gibson Custom SG is a favorite among guitar enthusiasts and collectors for its iconic sound and distinct design. Overall, it is a premium instrument that is sure to impress any musician.

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  • Brand – Style: Gibson – Left Handed
  • Collection: Left Handed Guitars
  • Selling Platform : eBay
  • Price : £2,799.00
  • Condition : Used
  • Selller : music-outlet-shop
  • Description : 60’s GIBSON CUSTOM SG – LEFT HAND – CARVED TOP – made in USA
  • Location : DE
  • Sale by : buy it now
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  • Time Remaining : N/A

More About Gibson Left-handed Guitars

Gibson has long been recognized for its quality left-handed guitars, catering to the needs of left-handed guitarists around the world. The company began producing left-handed models in the mid-20th century, with iconic musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and Paul McCartney choosing to play left-handed Gibson guitars. These instruments are crafted with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship as their right-handed counterparts, ensuring that left-handed players have access to high-quality instruments.

One popular left-handed model is the 60’s Gibson Custom SG – Left Hand – Carved Top, which is handmade in the USA. This guitar features a carved maple top for added resonance and sustain, along with premium features like custom-wound pickups and a slim-tapered neck for easy playability. The 60’s Gibson Custom SG has been embraced by left-handed guitarists looking for a classic rock sound and feel, further solidifying Gibson’s reputation as a top choice for left-handed players.

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