Left Hand LP Junior, Vintage Tobacco Burst £1,399.00

Introducing the Gibson Left Hand Les Paul Junior in Vintage Tobacco Burst (B-STOCK) – a classic guitar loved by musicians for its vintage appearance and exceptional sound quality. This specific guitar is in seller refurbished condition, priced at £1,399.00. The Left Hand Les Paul Junior is part of Gibson’s renowned collection known for its premium craftsmanship and iconic designs. While this guitar may be in used condition, a brand new version of the same model typically retails for over £2,000. The affordability of this B-STOCK Left Hand Les Paul Junior makes it an attractive option for both experienced musicians and beginners looking for a high-quality instrument.

Gibson is a legendary brand with a rich history of producing top-notch guitars that have been used by famous musicians around the world. The Left Hand Les Paul Junior, in particular, has been played by UK artists such as Paul McCartney and Noel Gallagher, adding to its allure and reputation as a versatile and beloved instrument. With its classic design and powerful sound, the Gibson Left Hand Les Paul Junior continues to be a popular choice among guitarists of all levels.

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  • Brand – Style: Gibson – Left Handed
  • Collection: Left Handed Guitars
  • Selling Platform : eBay
  • Price : £1,399.00
  • Condition : Seller refurbished
  • Selller : absolutemusicsolutions
  • Description : Gibson Left Hand Les Paul Junior, Vintage Tobacco Burst (B-STOCK)
  • Location : GB
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More About Gibson Left-handed Guitars

Gibson is a renowned guitar manufacturer that produces high-quality instruments for musicians worldwide. They have always offered left-handed versions of their popular guitar models to accommodate the needs of left-handed players. The Gibson Left Hand Les Paul Junior, Vintage Tobacco Burst (B-STOCK) model is a classic example of their commitment to providing left-handed options for their customers, featuring the iconic Les Paul design in a beautiful vintage tobacco burst finish.

Many famous musicians have played left-handed Gibson guitars, including legends like Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and Paul McCartney. These artists have utilized Gibson guitars to create iconic sounds and push the boundaries of music. With a rich history of craftsmanship and innovation, Gibson’s left-handed guitars continue to be a popular choice for left-handed players looking for high-quality instruments. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, a left-handed Gibson guitar can help you achieve the unique tone and style you’re looking for.

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