Refurbished Ibanez AG75 Hollow Body Guitar £350.00

Ibanez AG75 Refurbished / Modified Hollow Body Electric Guitar. This guitar is available now for £350.00. The seller is located in GB. The condition of this instrument has been listed as Used. This guitar is being sold by a seller with the user name bigbenchristopher. For more details please CLICK HERE* to go directly to the seller’s product page on eBay*.

The Ibanez AG75 is a beautifully crafted hollow body electric guitar that has been refurbished and modified to enhance its playability and sound quality. The guitar features a classic design with a laminated maple body, set mahogany neck, and a floating bridge with a rosewood tailpiece. It also boasts dual humbucking pickups that deliver rich and warm tones perfect for jazz, blues, and rock styles. The refurbishment process includes a thorough inspection, cleaning, and setup to ensure the guitar plays and sounds like new. With its stunning aesthetics and versatile sound, the Ibanez AG75 is a top choice for intermediate to advanced players.

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  • Brand – Style: Ibanez – Hollow Body
  • Collection: Ibanez Artcore
  • Selling Platform : eBay
  • Price : £350.00
  • Condition : Used
  • Selller : bigbenchristopher
  • Description : Ibanez AG75 Refurbished / Modified Hollow Body Electric Guitar
  • Location : GB
  • Sale by : buy it now
  • Ends on :
  • Time Remaining : N/A

Ibanez offers a wide range of hollow body guitars that cater to various playing styles and preferences. Their Artcore series is particularly popular, featuring models such as the AS73, AS93, and AF75, which are known for their versatile tones and comfortable playability. These guitars are great for genres like jazz, blues, and rock, offering a warm and full-bodied sound.

In addition to the Artcore series, Ibanez also offers premium hollow body guitars like the George Benson signature models and the Contemporary Archtop series, which feature high-quality craftsmanship and top-notch components. These guitars are designed for professional players who demand the best in terms of tone and playability.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician, Ibanez has a hollow body guitar that will suit your needs. With their range of options, you can find a guitar that fits your budget and style, making Ibanez a popular choice among guitarists of all levels.

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